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In the US, 14.3% of all Americans live in poverty.
In North Carolina, 16.9% of our population is in poverty.
24.5% of our children in North Carolina live in poverty.
13.1% of your neighbors in Carteret County live in poverty.
25.8% of high-school dropouts in North Carolina are impoverished
while only 12.9% of high school graduates are in poverty.

Communities In Schools of Carteret County is helping.
Will you help, too?

Communities In Schools is the national leader in dropout prevention. The Carteret County office is one of 40 local affiliates operating in 58 North Carolina counties. For 5 years, Communities In Schools of Carteret County has been working inside the schools to help children succeed, but we cannot do it alone. It takes the collaborative efforts of the entire community to empower our youth to stay in school and achieve in life. We thank you for your continued support of CISOCC and look forward to many more years of ensuring the young futures of Carteret County.

Each year in North Carolina 3 out of 10 children drop out of school only to discover that it is ever more difficult to find productive work without better training. Every high school drop out that cannot find productive work costs society an estimated $6,600 per year and affects everyone's quality of life. The costs to the community mount quickly and the cycle of struggle for children continues.

CIS offers a positive impact in communities to reduce the number of children dropping out of school, which encourages a positive economic outcome within our communities. We know that caring communities want to help children succeed in life - the issue is how to go about it. CIS operates as a link between the community and the schools by addressing the needs of children and families through a process that mobilizes existing community resources and directs them to the areas of greatest need.

CIS is committed to helping students achieve success in school and continue their education in college or other post-secondary training. As a result, our youth will be better equipped to find meaningful employment, lead productive lives, and become contributing members of our society.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors. Without their help, Communities in Schools would not be possible.